Sten eirik 1952-2015

Founder and Hon. Artistic Director

Sten was the founder, president and Artistic Director of Guild Festival Theatre. As an actor, his career ranged from new play creation to the acting company of the Stratford Festival. Inspired by Robin Phillips, Sten turned to directing in the late 1980's. He directed in his native Sweden as well as the Maritimes and Ontario. On-screen, Sten performed in feature films and TV with Gene Wilder, David Carradine and Charlton Heston.

Sten wrote poems, screenplays, musicals, and two novels, including "The Intended: a Pirate's Confession" (2014). His other career was as a psychotherapist, with his Master's degree in Psychology.

In the late 1990's, Sten saw and fell in love with the Greek Theatre in Guild Park. He vowed "to do for Scarborough what Stratford Festival Theatre did for Stratford". In 2009, he launched Scarborough's only professional theatre company: the Guild Festival Theatre. Sten lived with passion, drive and kindness, accomplishing so much and touching the lives and hearts of so many wherever he went. He is greatly missed, and will never be forgotten.

We lovingly dedicate every season as a tribute to our friend and inspiration, Sten Eirik.